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Why choose Montessori Education?

Maria Montessori developed the innovative, multidimensional Montessori educational approach in 1897. Many of us are familiar with the Primary Montessori program, which runs till the age of six, but the Elementary Montessori opens up a world of great explorations and opportunities for older learners. Maria Montessori developed the Montessori method from the elementary level to the university level while she was in India.

Montessori schools offer a hands-on approach that incorporates all five senses to encourage independence and social skills. If you’re looking for an educational setting which will help your child succeed both now and, in the future, a Montessori school shall be the right choice for them.

Learners excel in Montessori schools because they are given more opportunities for creative expression. The fact that Montessori education teaches learners how to master practical skills like cooking, cleaning, and washing is just one of its many benefits.

Here are the fantastic advantages of a Montessori Education:

In Montessori education, each learner is important:

The fact that Montessori education is wholly centered on the learner, as opposed to conventional preschools, which place a greater emphasis on the teacher, is one of its finest features.

Learners are therefore allowed to explore activities and subjects in Montessori classrooms at their speed. The freedom to pursue hobbies is given to learners. Learners, adults, and the learning environment interact dynamically in a Montessori classroom. The Montessori Method was created with the idea that learners enjoy learning and can succeed in an encouraging setting.

The curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning:

The Montessori Method’s emphasis on hands-on learning, especially in the early learning years, is one of its most advantageous features.

Learners participate in activities that teach language, math, culture, and practical life values, with an emphasis on concrete rather than abstract learning. At Montessori schools, learners are assisted in learning how to do tasks independently rather than being taught what to do or being shown what to do.

Montessori education places a high priority on social skills:

The development of social skills is a top priority in Montessori education, which is yet another wonderful benefit. In contrast to traditional education, which emphasizes academics, Montessori education places an emphasis on social behavior, including how learners interact with their peers, facilitators, and other people. Learners who learn social skills grow up to be more approachable and confident people. Benefit of the Montessori education is that, it gives learners a freedom to experiment with a range of materials. This in turn helps the learners to explore and realize the concepts from concrete to abstract in a prepared environment.

Learners Have a Natural Self-Discipline:

While the Montessori Method gives learners the freedom to pick which activities, they want to do each day and how long they want to spend on each activity, the teacher and other students nonetheless uphold certain “ground rules” for the class. Learners learn self-discipline in this environment, and vital skills like motivation, self-control, and concentration are enhanced.

The focus is on key developmental stages:

The four planes of development identified by Montessori’s theory show what learners are motivated to learn at each stage. The four planes are the absorbent mind (birth to age six), the reasoning mind (six to twelve years), the social awareness (twelve to eighteen years), and the transition to maturity (18-24 years old).

0 – 6: Sensitive period

-Refinement of senses

-Attracted towards minute objects

-Hand movements


-Development of language

These are the highlights of this age group. It is also called the age of physical independence. Here 0-3 is considered as a stage of construction while 3-6 as consolidation.

6 – 12: Elementary years



-Leg movements

-Emotionally sensitive

-Highly communicative

-Reasoning mind

These are the highlights of this age group. It is also called the age of intellectual independence. Here 6-9 is considered as a stage of construction while 9 -12 as consolidation.

12- 18 and 18 – 24:

-Social justice

-Worshipping role model

-Personal dignity


Have a mind of their own and do not like to be imposed It is also called the age of economical and emotional independence.

The Teaching Approach Promotes Creativity:

Learner’s freedom to select their projects and complete them at their own pace encourages creativity in the classroom. Learners prefer to complete tasks rather than concentrate on the final output, which encourages them to pay attention to the process rather than the final product—a natural path to creativity.

Learners are instilled with Respect:

Respect is really necessary. The most crucial lesson in parenting is instilling discipline in learners at a young age. Teachers at Montessori schools treat learners with respect and as though they were adults, which is another significant benefit.

Encourages learners to appreciate the value of routine:

The consistency of a predetermined schedule is another important benefit of Montessori schools. Everyday expectations are known to learners as soon as they enter the classroom. They will discover and understand the value of adhering to a schedule. Learners will be taught everything about the school environment in sequential order, from the daily schedule to the way the learner completes the job.

Airaa Academy: Best Montessori school in South Bangalore

To foster excellence in academic learning, Airaa provides learners with high-quality education based on the Montessori method, which is firmly founded in the spirit and philosophy of Dr Maria Montessori.  As the top Montessori school in Bangalore, we provide cutting-edge instructional resources that encourage pupils to learn through doing outside in the garden or on the school’s campus. Our instructors provide their learners with the freedom and resources they need to look up the answers to their inquiries. A learner’s curiosity and interests are sparked by their inner fulfilment, which promotes fun, lifelong learning.

Leave your questions with us and we’ll respond, or contact us if you have any inquiries about how Montessori works for your child. Additionally, you can schedule a school visit to see our Montessori setting and better understand your child’s developmental path.

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