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Advantages of Montessori Education

Top Montessori School in South Bangalore

Experience excellence in education at Airaa Academy, the top Montessori school in South Bangalore. Our commitment to nurturing young minds, combined with a dynamic curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities, sets us apart. Enrol your child today for a transformative educational journey at Airaa Academy.

Advantages of Montessori Education

Embark on an educational journey with Airaa Academy, the best Montessori school in South Bangalore. In 1897, Maria Montessori introduced to the world an innovative and multidimensional Montessori educational approach. While many are acquainted with the Primary Montessori program for learners up to six years old, the Elementary Montessori extends the scope of exploration and opportunities for older learners. Enrol now for a foundation that fosters creativity, curiosity, and lifelong success. 

It’s noteworthy that Maria Montessori expanded the Montessori method from the elementary level to the university level during her time in India. Montessori schools adopt a hands-on approach that engages all five senses, fostering independence and social skills. If you seek an educational environment that promotes both current and future success for your child, a Montessori school is a fitting choice. Being the best Elementary Montessori in South Bangalore, Airaa Academy stands for the holistic development of each learner. So, if you are looking for Best elementary Montessori school in South Bangalore, then you are at the right place.   

Learners thrive in Montessori schools which offer due to increased opportunities for creative expression. One of the numerous advantages of Montessori education is its emphasis on development of practical skill sets keeping in mind holistic development of learners helping them to be an independent and confident individual.

Discover the Remarkable Benefits of Montessori Education:

Learners are the Focus:

Montessori education stands out for its guided approach. Unlike traditional preschools that often prioritise the teacher, Montessori places the learner at the centre. This unique feature allows learners to explore activities and subjects at their own pace, granting them the freedom to pursue their interests. Connect with us at Airaa Academy, the top Montessori school in South Bangalore.

Engaged Exploration Among Learners, Facilitators, and the Environment:

In a Montessori classroom, there is a dynamic interplay between learners, facilitators, and the specially designed conducive learning environment. The Montessori Method is rooted in the belief that learners naturally enjoy learning and thrive in a supportive and encouraging setting. This philosophy fosters an environment where success is attainable for every learner. At Airaa Academy, we foster dynamic interaction among learners, facilitators, and the environment. Our educational philosophy revolves around creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere where learners actively participate in their learning journey. Through collaborative experiences, we empower learners to thrive academically and personally, ensuring a well-rounded development that goes beyond traditional education. We are the best elementary Montessori in South Bangalore.

The Curriculum Highlights Experiential Learning:

A notable advantage of the Montessori Method lies in its strong emphasis on hands-on learning, particularly during the early learning stages. Learners engage in activities that impart language, math, cultural understanding, and practical life skills, with a focus on tangible experiences over abstract concepts. In Montessori schools, learners are guided to learn how to perform tasks independently, steering away from simply being instructed on what to do or shown how to do it. Airaa Academy is the best among all Montessori schools in South Bangalore.

High Priority on Social Skills:

Focusing on social skill development is a notable priority in Montessori education, offering another valuable advantage. In contrast to conventional educational approaches that prioritise academics, which acts as a barrier to learn what he is capable of intellectualising. Montessori education underscores the importance of social behaviour, encompassing how learners interact with peers, facilitators, and others. Learners who acquire social skills during their education tend to grow into more approachable and self-assured individuals.

Prepared Environment:

In Montessori education, the concept of a prepared environment is fundamental to fostering optimal learning experiences for learners. A prepared environment is carefully designed to meet the developmental needs of learners at various stages. It encompasses a well-organised and aesthetically pleasing classroom with thoughtfully arranged materials that encourage exploration and independent learning. Each element within the environment is chosen to promote sensorial experiences, order, and a sense of purpose. Let’s connect if you are seeking the best elementary Montessori school in South Bangalore.

Instils a Natural Self-Discipline in Learners:

Although the Montessori Method grants learners the freedom to choose their daily activities and determine the time spent on each task, the classroom maintains specific “ground rules” upheld by both the facilitators and learners. This environment cultivates self-discipline among learners, fostering essential skills such as motivation, self-control, and concentration.

The Emphasis lies on Fundamental Developmental Phases:

Montessori’s theory identifies four planes of development, outlining the specific areas of interest and motivation for learning at each stage. These planes encompass the absorbent mind (birth to age six), the reasoning mind (six to twelve years), social awareness (twelve to eighteen years), and the transition to maturity (18-24 years old).

0 – 6 : Sensitive period

Refinement of senses

Attracted towards minute objects

Hand movements


Development of language

These are the highlights of this age group. It is also called the age of physical independence. Here 0-3 is considered as a stage of construction while 3-6 as consolidation.

6 – 12: Elementary years



Leg movements

Emotionally sensitive

Highly communicative

Reasoning mind

These are the highlights of this age group. It is also called the age of intellectual independence. Here 6-9 is considered as a stage of construction while 9 -12 as consolidation.

12- 18 and 18 – 24:

Social justice

Worshipping role model

personal dignity


Have a mind of their own and do not like to be imposed

It is also called the age of economical and emotional independence.

The Teaching Method Fosters Creativity:

Encouraging learners to choose their tasks and work at their individual pace promotes a creative atmosphere in the classroom. The focus on completing tasks rather than fixating on the end result prompts learners to pay attention to the process, paving the way for a natural progression toward creativity.

Sense of Respect is Cultivated in Learners:

The significance of respect cannot be overstated, particularly in early childhood development. One of the key lessons in parenting involves instilling discipline in learners from a young age. An additional noteworthy advantage is the approach taken by facilitators at Montessori schools, where learners are treated with respect and consideration, akin to adults.

Promotes an Understanding of the Importance of Routines:

A significant advantage of Montessori schools is the establishment of a consistent and predetermined schedule. Upon entering the classroom, learners are familiar with daily expectations. This exposure helps them appreciate the value of following a routine. Learners  learn about various aspects of the school environment in a sequential order, ranging from the daily schedule to the method of completing tasks.

Airaa Academy: The Best Montessori School in South Bangalore:

At Airaa Academy, we are dedicated to fostering excellence in academic learning by offering high-quality education rooted in the principles and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. Recognised as the leading Montessori school in Bangalore, we employ cutting-edge instructional resources that encourage active learning experiences, whether in the garden or on our school campus. Our facilitators empower learners with the freedom and tools to seek answers to their questions, fostering curiosity and interests that lead to inner fulfilment and a lifelong love of learning. 

Feel free to leave any questions with us, and we will promptly respond. For inquiries about how Montessori can benefit your child, or to gain a deeper understanding of our Montessori environment, consider scheduling a visit to our school.

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