Know About Airaa Montessori School - The Best Montessori in South Bangalore

Know About Airaa Montessori School – The Best Montessori in South Bangalore

“It is not enough to see that the child gets good food, good physical care, and enough sleep, because development needs activity too. Experience in the environment is necessary because everyone must be adapted to the environment. ” – Maria Montessori

About Airaa Montessori School in South Bangalore

The first of its kind elementary Montessori school in South Bangalore to offer Montessori from grade 1 to grade 5 is Airaa Academy. We provide learners with a quality education using the Montessori method, which is firmly anchored in the spirit and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, with the goal of promoting excellence in academic learning.

The Airaa Montessori Academy, Bangalore offers learners a top-notch education based on the Montessori method in order to nurture excellence in academic learning. Learners between the ages of three and six develop their physical independence and respect for one another’s environment in a Montessori setting. This Elementary Montessori curriculum is coupled with the CBSE board from Grade 6 through Grade X.

Our Approach at the Best Montessori in South Bangalore

Our approach is based on the developmental requirements shared by learners aged 6 to 12. From Grade VI forward, this is integrated into the CBSE curriculum. Up until Grade X, Airaa Academy plans to provide the CBSE board.

The Grade I–X classrooms are created to be engaging and collaborative. With the available content, learners experiment, collaborate, and create. Depending on the learner’s readiness, concepts are presented to them in the form of presentations in small groups. To make sure that the learner’s academic path caters to their needs, these concepts are organized in a graded pattern. 

Working with this system, which leads to CBSE, is intended to provide for an open-ended and essentially creative curriculum.

Our Objectives at the Best Elementary Montessori in South Bangalore

Create an environment that is secure, encouraging, and well-organized so that learners can feel confident and content while they work toward their goals.

1. To offer a learning environment that fosters learners’ creativity and curiosity.

2. To create informed and responsible learners.

3. To promote acceptance, tolerance, and respect for others.

4. Increasing each learner’s self-confidence and resiliency.

5. To foster a solid, encouraging relationship between the home, the school, and the community that motivates our learners to be active contributors to improvement.

Our Vision at Airaa Montessori School, Bangalore

  • -To enhance the creative potential of each learner.
  • -To empower our learners to become contributing members of the community.

Our Mission at Airaa Montessori School, Bangalore

  • -To offer a learning journey in a secure and stimulating environment to learners.
  • -To challenge each learner to achieve their fullest potential.
  • -To enable learners to dream, dream realistically & work towards making their dreams come true.
  • -To encourage them to realise that hard work and effort makes all the difference.

“We must look to the children as a vehicle for bringing change to humanity. ” – Maria Montessori.

Airaa Montessori Academy – Best Montessori in South Bangalore

Why Choose Us as the Best Montessori in South Bangalore?

We Empower Your Child For Life

  • -Every learner has a natural talent, and we encourage them to explore and make connections between ideas at their own pace.
  • -Learners are exposed to new ideas, sounds, and movements through music, cooking, and other activities, which help them develop new skill sets.
  • -We promise that your child will be academically and emotionally prepared for school thanks to our learner-led methodology, highly qualified facilitators, and immersive setting. If you are looking for Elementary Montessori in South Bangalore, then visit our website to know more.
  • -Learners learn self-assurance and useful life skills when they take on personal tasks like hand washing, setting the table, and cleaning up after themselves.
  • -For your peace of mind, we uphold our commitment to keeping your child safe with restricted building access, background checks on our employees, and cameras.
  • -Large playgrounds enable learners gain strength and agility, respect nature, and enjoy the delight it naturally brings.
  • -A positive attitude is what strengthens the team and fosters stability. We practice being sincere and truthful, resolving conflicts, and celebrating others. With all team members, we maintain civil and constructive dialogue. Our approach makes us the Best Montessori school in South Bangalore.
  • -We create a fun and encouraging environment making the learners laugh, and laughing with our staff. Want to know more about the best elementary Montessori school in South Bangalore?
  • -The best thing is love! It entails prioritizing others, acting with compassion, working hard, and being a good person. To love and care for the learners is a higher calling than earning a living and it is what drives us to do what we do.

Airaa Montessori School in Bangalore – The Best Montessori in South Bangalore

Learners are encouraged at Airaa Montessori school in South Bangalore to develop their intrinsic curiosity, and facilitators guide them along the Dr. Maria Montessori curriculum’s recommended path for fostering holistic development. Learners have access to top-notch environments that are suitable for their growth stages, maximizing their potential, while also fostering local culture and language. There are many chances outside the immediate area to strengthen the learner’s connection to nature. If you are interested to know about Montessori schools in South Bangalore, then you are at the right place. We are the top Montessori school in South Bangalore.

Find the Best Montessori School in South Bangalore

We are the best elementary Montessori in South Bangalore. Contact us to know more about Airaa Montessori Academy, Bangalore. For admissions in Montessori school in South Bangalore, visit our website.

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