Best elementary Montessori school in Bangalore

Airaa Montessori School – The Elementary Montessori with the Best Curriculum

The Airaa Montessori Academy is the best school in South Bangalore

We provide our learners with an engaging, enriching, and inclusive academic atmosphere here at Airaa.

While learning is enjoyable in the classroom, it is equally vital outside of it. The Airaa Montessori School is known for its ability to engage learners at many different levels. Under the care and direction of some of the top facilitators in the nation, a learner is motivated to realise his or her full potential. Our students enjoy new experiences, welcome challenges, and push their limits every day through immersive learning and hands-on projects. They pursue great ideas with unwavering passion and exemplify the attitude of being the positive change that defines who we are.

The Spiral Curriculum

  1. -Every time a learner reviews a subject, the information is reinforced.
  2. -The curriculum enables a topic’s logical growth from the most basic ideas to more complex ideas.
  3. -Facilitators encourage students to use their prior knowledge to further course objectives.
  4. -Learning difficulties can be addressed in the spiral’s early stages and remedies can be put in place when later-appearing ideas are necessary.

Lessons and materials for the elementary grades are multisensory and dramatic in style. They are designed to spark young learners’ imagination and curiosity.

Students between the ages of six and twelve are eligible to enrol in the Elementary programme. At this point, it is important to direct the learner’s curiosity toward learning through inquiry, direction, imagination, repetition, precision, and communication. We at Airaa, provide the Montessori-based Spiral Curriculum. By doing this, we intend to make it easier for the children to see how everything is interconnected.

Physics, geography, and history are just a few examples of the disparate areas that our curriculum helps to bridge. This is a study of the physical universe in addition to biology and chemistry, which relate to the natural and experiential worlds. Each lesson in the Elementary Montessori Curriculum leads to a number of subsequent lessons.

In a Montessori classroom, there are 5 main environments

Practical life and Sensorial

Students learn practical skills that aid them in taking care of themselves and the environment through this experience. Children can confidently perform everyday activities like eating, dressing, and cleaning by learning to use common, everyday objects. This sensory experience improves their ability to observe and pay attention to detail, which enables them to notice similarities and differences and, in turn, aids their minds in comparison, classification, and conclusion-making.


Through the use of Unified Math, Montessori students are exposed to the fundamentals of algebra, geometry, statistics, and logic. The science of computers is arithmetic. The ideas are ingrained in the young minds through the use of positive real numbers and sensory experiences.


Writing is taught to children before reading in the Montessori method. This encourages kids to experiment with letter formation and drawing. Children are exposed to language in a fun and natural way. In the language area, the kids have access to a wide range of reading readiness tools for phonetic analysis, word attack skills, and reading, as well as activities for the improvement of writing motor control.

Sciences, Geography & The Arts

A thorough introduction to topics like botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, geology, and astronomy is included in the scope of the Montessori scientific curriculum. Plants, animals, and experiments are on display at the Nature Table. At the young age of three, children are exposed to topics like history and geography, and music, movement education, and art are also incorporated as crucial components of the curriculum.


In a Montessori classroom, history serves as the foundation for all of the subject areas, preparing students to examine it analytically and comparatively. Our students immerse themselves in historical narratives as they study the past.

Sports & Fitness

At Airaa Montessori school, playing sports is not simply a way to stay in shape; it is also our love. There are numerous games that our facilitators and students play together. Although we want our students to be active and healthy, we also want to provide them the opportunity to learn from each game. We want them to acquire life skills like teamwork, the capacity for success and failure, and the capacity for mutual growth.

Food & Nutrition

At Airaa Montessori School, we place a high priority on our students’ diets and nutrition. All students must eat their lunch at Airaa; brought-in food is not permitted. We prepare wholesome, nutrient-dense meals with the ideal proportion of nutrients for developing learners. We consider the unique requirements of certain of our learners and make plans accordingly.

We also believe that the communal act of eating has a lot to teach each youngster. Eating the same meal at the same time and then washing one’s own dish strengthens interpersonal relationships and fosters character among the learners.

Arts & Culture

At Airaa, we believe extracurricular activities aid in a child’s entire development and teach them how to interact with others and be social through participation in various activities. A variety of extracurricular events that are regularly held.

Looking for the best elementary Montessori school in Bangalore?

We are one of the best elementary Montessori schools in Bangalore or we are the best elementary Montessori school in South Bangalore. A solid education at Airaa can lead directly to a brighter future for your children. Welcome to the top Montessori school in South Bangalore, where students are given the best of all they may possibly need to create a brighter tomorrow.

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